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Have you ever felt like doing something good for the society, but you aren’t sure how to contribute?
You’ve certainly come to the right place! Check out what roles we have available for you to be a part of as a volunteer of the Sitara Foundation.

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There are currently no available roles, but if you are interested in volunteering, fill out the form and we will get in touch with you as and when something opens up!

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Volunteers' Voices

Meet some of our amazing volunteers!

Pruthvi N

I have always loved interacting with children and working at SITARA as a Science educator was one of the best and satisfying decisions I have ever made. I was a bit nervous as a newbie teacher to handle Science for 10th Graders, but the fun interactions I had with the students made it a smooth sail. Along with learning science, we used to have lots of fun - our virtual birthday celebrations, emoji quizzes, watching moral and inspiring videos, playing dumb charades. My heart touched memory was looking at the students react to the impactful “Eye Donation” short film during the Human Eye chapter! Overall, so grateful for the opportunity. Many thanks to the most supportive and wonderful SITARA team. Wish you lots of luck and I hope our paths cross again!

Sourav 'Bumma'

I've been ever passionate about building things and enjoy problem solving, and am grateful to Project Sitara for having me do my bit towards something impactful.

Pramati Anand

I work with the citizenship team and teaching students my age and younger has made me realise how bridging the "knowledge and skill" gap is very important. Inspite of me being the youngest volunteer, I was never criticized or put down. Infact, it was the opposite. They would encourage me and help me do better whenever I made mistakes. When I teach, I feel 100 times more refreshed and I get to take a break from studying. Over-all, it's a wonderful experience and I'm very lucky to be a part of Sitara.

Samarth Ashwath

The perfect work environment doesn't exis- Okay it's really hard for me to choose which engagement to stay on with Sitara. It is very fulfilling to put my Design and Theatre skills to actually help in effecting positive change in the lives of children. Sitara has provided an environment that helps me sustain my productivity by sprinkling fun over any work that I take up. I'm extremely grateful to this Organisation for being so friendly in onboarding me to their projects and so smooth in their functioning.

Yashover Malik

Working with Project Sitara was a great learning and growth exposure for me as I volunteered for YouTube Science Team and the work of our team is to create the layout or the draft of class 10 science chapters of SSLC for Karnataka students. I must say this, the whole time I was working with my mentors and my team I really got the best memories and work experiences that I'll keep for the rest of my life along with me and whenever I'm gonna remember them I'll get a big smile on my face. And in the end If I would get a chance to work for project sitara in the future I would be really happy to contribute myself to this good work they are doing.

Shimoni Jain

Sitara gives you a wholesome volunteering experience- one can work with ease at the same time the team is constantly making efforts to make the space fun too. Every individual working at Sitara seems to resonate with the vision to make education accessible and holistic. What excites me is how each volunteer’s opinion is valued and how the group collectively is able to come up with ways to create an impact. Sitara has already made a meaningful impact on its beneficiaries and volunteers. I am excited to see and contribute to everything it does in the future!


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